Donald Trump asked the White House staff to make McDonald's burgers

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The President reportedly asked kitchen staff in the White House to make him McDonald's burgers.

This revelation comes from Donald Trump's former body-man (think Charlie from The West Wing).

Keith Schiller served as President Trump's Director of Oval Office Operations until September.

The former body man was recently called to testify before Congress regarding a visit Donald Trump made to Russia in 2013 for a Miss Universe pageant.

Schiller was expected to be the keeper of a great deal information about the President, having continuously worked for Trump in a number of different capacities since 2005.

He appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, in which he reportedly denied the claims made against Donald Trump in that dossier.

One of the most interesting revelations came before Schiller even gave his testimony - that the President wanted McDonald's food to be made for him by the chefs that staff the leader of the free world.

According to Politico, the kitchen staff at the White House were asked to recreate the famous quarter pounders, and also the McDonald's dessert option of apple pie.

Schiller was reportedly the aide sent to fetch some McDonald's for the Commander in Chief when, inevitably, the White House kitchen were unable to produce the take-away meal.

Without Schiller, the President may have had to resort to eating a nothing burger.

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