Newsmax says Trump's call to a Jan 6 witness might have been a 'butt dial'

Newsmax says Trump's call to a Jan 6 witness might have been a 'butt dial'
Cheney reveals Trump reported to Department of Justice for calling Jan 6 ...
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Pro-Trump news host Greg Kelly has blocked the idea that Donald Trump contacted a witness with the most bizarre excuse: he "butt-dialed" them.

The missing witness was due to appear before the Jan 6 House committee when vice chairwoman Liz Cheney revealed that the former President had attempted to contact them. The unidentified person said they had declined the call and informed the committee, who told the Department of Justice.

The allegation could raise serious questions for Trump if he were found to be witness tampering.

"We will take any effort to influence witness testimony very seriously," Cheney declared.

According to Newsmax's Kelly, it was likely to be nothing more than a "butt dial" before bragging that he too has received calls from the former President.

"Are you ready for this? Apparently, Donald Trump made a phone call, and nobody answered it," the host said. "But they're acting like this is a big deal."

Kelly slammed them as a "joke committee" with "no authority".

"By the way, not to drop names, but I received a phone call from the president on more than one occasion, and you actually can’t tell it’s him calling," he bragged. "He’s got some system, you don’t know."

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"How do you know the president actually called him? And they didn’t answer," he said while holding up his iPhone. "Hey, maybe it was a butt dial, huh? Tell the Justice Department that."

One user found his justification hysterical, saying: "'Butt dial'? Not good enough, try harder..."

Another added: "The lengths these people will go for him!"

A third theorised: "'Butt dialing' calls the last number you dialed. So his fat a$ redialed the last number he called, which was a witness. In other words, he was badgering them."

Following the hearing, committee member Jamie Raskin told reporters, "Witness intimidation is a crime,"

"We’re not the ones enforcing the law. But if somebody told you they thought that there might be witness intimidation, you would turn it over to the Department of Justice."

Indy100 reached out to Trump's rep for comment.

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