This comic strip sums up Donald Trump's rants in the most perfect way

Dan Amira/Twitter

Dan Amira, a writer for the Daily Show has skewered the president's most recent outburst in simple and cutting fashion.

The image is taken from an issue of the webcomic series Gunshow illustrated by K.C. Green, which has since become a meme.

The comparison wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for POTUS' explosive response to the revelation that his aides, including his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, had contact with Russian intelligence agencies before his inauguration.

President-elects and their aides remain civilians, despite being in the awkward position of having the soft power of patronage and future promises.

Law prevents them, as civilians, from conducting foreign policy on behalf of the United States.

Past examples of this include Henry Kissinger, who was accused of derailing Vietnamese-US negotiations in 1968 when he promised the north Vietnamese they would receive better terms if they waited a few weeks until President-elect Richard Nixon had been sworn in as president and president Lyndon Johnson had left office.

President Trump's response to the Flynn affair meanwhile, which has reinvigorated interest in Russian interference in the US presidential election, was to criticise leakers.

Much like Richard Nixon's obsession with the leaking classified information, after the Pentagon Papers revealed the US government's dealing in Vietnam, president Trump goes as far as to call them 'Un-American'.

Never mind his previous praise for cherry pricker transparency fanatics Wikileaks.

Nor what happened to Richard Nixon when he and his White House 'plumbers' went after leakers in Washington.

Richard Nixon addresses the nation the day of his resignation.

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