Eight-year-old boy rings up newspaper editor, calls him a sh*thole

Eight-year-old boy rings up newspaper editor, calls him a sh*thole

No one likes change, and that includes eight-year-old boys who see their favourite comics disappear from their local newspaper.

But most eight-year-old boys don't leave a voicemail message with the newspaper's editor demanding the comics be reinstated, or brand them "shitholes".

The Herald-Times, of Indiana in the US, has published on its website a recording of the message left for editor Bob Zaltsberg after a pricing disagreement saw 13 different comic strips, including Peanuts, Garfield and Dilbert, dropped.

In the clip, the child is encouraged by his parents to state his case, which amounts to: "I want back, I want back these comics, now!"

He goes slightly off-piste, however, offering to give all of his money for the comics' return, chanting "ya jerks, ya jerks, ya jerks, ya jerks" and ending the call by labelling his opponents on the paper as "idiots, jerks, shitholes, shitholes".

Zaltsberg saw the funny side, writing on the Herald-Times website that he had spoken to the boy and his parents.

"I'm pleased mum and dad asked their child to express his opinion. I talked with the eight-year-old and mum this morning, and I don't believe calling them names is an appropriate response," he wrote.

"I've seen this from the beginning as 'kids say the darndest things' rather than any kind of morality issue."

Listen to the message below:

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