Elon Musk just posted a coded numerical message to the web - and one person figured it out in minutes

<p>Musk’s mysterious coded message sent Twitter into a frenzy</p>

Musk’s mysterious coded message sent Twitter into a frenzy

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Elon Musk is famous for many things and in recent years, we can add bizarre and outlandish tweets to his resume.

In true Musk style, he took to Twitter yet again with a cryptic numerical tweet which sent his 58.1M followers into a frenzy. Twitter users were all desperate to break the mysterious code which read, ‘48 61 68 61 20 74 72 75 65’.

The tech tycoon responded to a tweet where a Twitter user suggested they should ‘start tweeting obtuse and vague things in the hopes that some people will interpret them as coded, meaningful, and mysterious’ - much like Musk.

People started to conspire the meaning of the mysterious message.

One thought it could be Musk’s Bitcoin predictions, while another joked that it could be the lottery numbers.

Meanwhile, one tweeter suggested it would be associated with Doge Coin due to the CEO’S passion for the currency.

Within minutes, one user, @BabyDogeCoin actually managed to decode the message - and it’s really not as exciting as we once thought.

According to the user, it simply means, ‘HAHA TRUE’.

The mystery was fun while it lasted.

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