<p>Elon Musk engages the internet on discussions about UFOs and aliens</p>

Elon Musk engages the internet on discussions about UFOs and aliens

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Elon Musk has post what he believes to be the “strongest argument aliens”, on Twitter, sharing a doodle of two data graphs.

The image shows two graphs side by side, one marked “Camera Resolution” and the other“UFO Picture Resolution”.

The UFO resolution stays stable while over time camera technology has improved since they were first debuted in the 19th century.

He might be referencing that photos that have emerged are grainy, implying the fakes apparently produced has not matched up the developments in photo production, asking why they haven’t caught up.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Pentagon is due to publish declassified reports that contain “difficult to explain” things about UFOs, according to ex-national director John Ratcliffe, who spoke to Fox News about the upcoming publication in June.

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Musk’s controversial post about UFOs had many onlookers raising questions.

The South African billionaire has however placed messages to extraterrestrials on his Falcon Heavy ship, a part of his SpaceX work, so he might be keeping his mind open, despite the speculation that he posted.

Musk also has hit the headlines about his decision to allow Tesla to do business in bitcoin from today.

The move is only in the US right now, however, the rest of the world will soon be able to buy electric cars in the major cryptocurrency, according to tweets from Elon himself.

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