Estate sale goes viral due to every item in the house being gigantic

Estate sale goes viral due to every item in the house being gigantic
Jaw-dropping estate for sale in California is ‘a masterpiece of engineering.’ See …
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A Los Angeles estate sale has attracted viral attention for the bizarre interior decoration that featured some gigantic-sized items.

While America is known for its weirdness and wackiness, one TikTok has still managed to shock millions of viewers after revealing a very strange estate sale that took place in the city of LA in California.

The post was shared by TikToker @DJtables, who regularly attends estate sales across the state and revealed that, even for him, it was one of the weirdest ones he has ever seen.

In the video, which has been viewed over 1.1 million times, DJ took viewers on a virtual tour of the estate sale, showing the rooms containing huge items such as cosmetics, soap, shoes (bizarrely hung on the wall), tools and even a massive gas lighter.

As he did the tour, he remarked: “Everything this person owned was gigantic, what the heck”. Text overlaying clip also read: “Strangest estate sale with very oversized stuff.”


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In the comments, one TikToker was a fan, writing: “Omg I’ll take everything.”

“Devastating that the collection is being separated, this should be a museum,” said someone else.

Another questioned: “I’m so curious to know what the 1st oversized item they bought was that started this obsession…like was it the big spoon & fork, is that the gateway.”

One person added: “I love seeing people’s personal hobbies! We are all so unique lol.”

“Are you sure this isn’t a giant’s house?” someone else jokingly asked.

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