Europe's most liveable cities, mapped

Europe's most liveable cities, mapped

According to a new expert ranking, Copenhagen and Bern are the most liveable cities in Europe.

Mobility consultancy ECA International has ranked 480 global cities on factors including health services, housing, leisure facilities, safety, air quality and political tensions.

Clean air, good facilities and low crime were among the reasons that pushed the Danish and Swiss capitals to the top of the ranking.

The Netherlands leads the way, with four cities in the top 20. Germany follows with three while Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland have two apiece.

Edinburgh, the only UK city to appear in the top 20, squeezed in at number 19. Not so good.

And as for London? It ranked way down at number 47 due to low safety and pollution scores. Yeesh.

Here’s the top 20 most liveable cities in Europe...

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

1. Bern, Switzerland

3. The Hague, the Netherlands

3. Geneva, Switzerland

5. Eindhoven, the Netherlands

5. Stavanger, Norway

7. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

7. Basel, Switzerland

9. Dublin, Ireland

9. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

9. Gothenburg, Sweden

12. Aarhus, Denmark

12. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

14. Zurich, Switzerland

15. Bonn, Germany

15. Munich, Germany

17. Vienna, Austria

17. Hamburg, Germany

19. Stockholm, Sweden

19. Edinburgh, Scotland

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