Woman influencer arrested in Saudi Arabia for posting 'immoral' content

Woman influencer arrested in Saudi Arabia for posting 'immoral' content
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A female influencer was arrested in Saudi Arabia after being accused of posting "immoral" content after posting a live video inviting another woman over in the early morning.

Tala Safwan, whose from Egypt, was arrested in Riyadh after posting the live video chat in which she asked her female Saudi friend to come over at 3.30am because she was lonely.

Her friend says she won't come over because it is too late, and Safwan reportedly said, "Even better because everyone will be asleep and they won't hear what I'll do to you. They won't hear your screams … from how much fun we'll be having," according to Al Jazeera.

Police haven't named Safwan but they did post a blurred version of the video to their Twitter account.

"The Riyadh police arrested a resident who appeared in a broadcast talking to another with sexual content and suggestion that would prejudice public morals," an English translation of their caption read.

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Safwan denied any lesbian connotation in her sentiments while explaining that she did not mean to offend anyone.

Al Jazeera also noted that Safwan, who has almost 5 million followers on TikTok and over 860,000 subscribers on YouTube, said the clip was taken out of context from the full video to cause controversy.

This comes just days after the Saudi media regulator demanded YouTube to remove advertisements it considers offensive to Muslim values and principles in the country.

The regulator also threatened to take legal action if nothing was done to resolve the matter.

Safwan's content is viral among Arab teenagers and young adults, as she conducts pranks, dishing on embarrassing life situations, and chatting about TV shows.

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