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It's time to turn off Naked Dating, Love Island and Pointless because we've got a TV show pitch for you.

A number of people online have decided that a TV studio should put their hands in their pockets and shell out to make a show about flat-earthers showing the rest of us where the edge of the world is.

You'd probably just need to pay for a boat and camera rental.

The initial idea for finding the edge of the world was pitched on Wednesday by a redditor who is hopefully going places in the entertainment world.

After 24 hours the idea already had around 65.7k upvotes - just think of the viewer numbers HBO.

To be fair, some flat-earthers do not believe a flat earth means it has an edge. Some argue there's an infinite earth that carries on in all directions (like standing on a sphere, perhaps).

Others think that it is impossible to reach 'the edge' because of an ice wall - like Game of Thrones.

1893 illustration by Orlanda Ferguson showing a flat, square earth, with an iced rim.1893 illustration by Orlanda Ferguson showing a flat, square earth, with an iced rim. (Picture: Wikimediacommons)

Surely though, the TV show could be about their taking camera operators to the ice wall.

Conveniently, much of flat-earth theory argues the ice wall is impassable, and that anyone who claims to have been were 'manipulated' by Nasa.

Although the idea was in Shower Thoughts, that is probably where most TV executives have been trawling for new programmes.

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