Amazing photo of fan being hit by football called 'best picture ever taken'

Amazing photo of fan being hit by football called 'best picture ever taken'

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Yes, the Lionesses’ incredible Euro 2020 match against Sweden on Tuesday night had many of us glued to our television screens, but we’d like to bring your attention to another amazing football which has gone viral online.

It happened on Saturday, during a Scottish football match between Elgin City and Queen of the South, but one of the most dramatic moments happened off-pitch when a football struck a spectator, sending his cup of soup flying into the air.

The moment, captured by Queen of the South photographer Fraser Johnstone, sees supporter Kevin Russell hold on to his sausage roll in his left hand, while the soup decorates his plain white t-shirt.

And if that wasn’t astonishing enough, the same picture includes a woman next to him cowering from the flying ball, in a way which many Twitter users have said looks like a ‘dab’.

Hang this in the freaking Louvre, people!

Sharing the snap to social media on Sunday, Elgin City FC described it as “arguably the best picture ever taken at a football match”.

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“We would love to know the name of this supporter so he can get some free refreshments at our next match,” they wrote.

Footie fans were on the ball (sorry) with some top-quality memes and witty responses:

Some remarked on the unnamed lady’s ‘dabbing’ in the snap:

Others, meanwhile, paid attention to a more subtle part of the iconic photograph: a man to the very left of the image wearing a piece of Stone Island clothing and managing to “get the badge in”:

Akin to a good old fashioned photobomb, “Get the Badge In” is a meme which celebrates individuals who have managed to sneak in the Stone Island logo on their sleeve into the most unusual settings and fashion.

And if missing out on the soup and becoming a meme wasn’t bad enough for Kevin, Elgin City lost the match 2-0 against their opponents.

Somebody buy the man a drink.

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