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"How do you stop the kids getting on Meth?" the good citizens of Montana asked.

This seems to be the resounding reply.

We're not sure what we're meant to take from fictional Elsa's (or someone with a striking resemblance to her) supposed addiction to meth.

That she appears to be in a police line up while handcuffed is certainly concerning.

The message must be akin to:

Wouldn't it be bad if Elsa was on Meth and her life derailed? This is a metaphor for your precious life.

As the billboard tells us, it was made by a teen from Montana for MontanaMeth.org, a large scale prevention campaign - so let's not be too harsh.

In fact, the campaign it comes from has been very successful.

The campaign has been credited with significant declines in teen meth use in several states, and during the project's lifetime meth use declined 63 per cent in Montana, 65 per cent in Arizona and 56 per cent in Idaho.

The mission statement on the website reads:

The goal of the Montana Meth Project is to arm teens and young adults across the state with the facts about methamphetamine so that they can make well-informed decisions when presented with the opportunity to try it.

Signs of meth use include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in physical appearance including deteriorating hair, skin, or teeth
  • Obsessively picking at hair or skin
  • Excessive sweating that's not from heat or physical activity
  • Letting themselves go physically, and not showering or caring how they look
  • Decreased appetite and unhealthy weight loss
  • Dilated pupils and rapid eye movement
  • Unusual or foul body odoursome may smell like ammonia
  • Burn marks on fingers or mouth
  • Strange sleeping patterns, staying up for days or even weeks
  • Jerky, erratic movements, twitching, facial tics, animated, or exaggerated mannerisms and incessant talking

Consider yourselves informed.

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