Woman shares inspiring before and after photos of meth addiction

Dejah Hall/Facebook

The story of woman's sobriety after years of drug addiction has gone viral.

A simple before and after photo shows the dramatic physical change that occurs just from living clean.

Dejah Hall from Glendale Arizona, USA, became addicted to pain medication aged 17.

Her addiction became more serious as she began taking heroin and meth (Methamphetamine).

She was arrested on 6 December 2012 for possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Writing on Sobriety Birthdays, a Facebook page for recovering addicts, Hall wrote:

Today marks 4 years clean from heroin and meth. The top left is me in full blown addiction , I was a terrible iv user and like most, progressively got worse. The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12-6-12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God! With the help of God I am completing my BA and hope to one day be a prison minister. I have a beautiful 18 month old and everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was! #Sobriety is #Possible 12/6/12.

The post has been shared over 34,000 times and reacted to be 78,000.


Speaking to indy100 Hall attributed her recovery to her new found faith in Christianity.

I was saved by my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Without him this wouldn't be possible! There is hope for other addicts stuck in active addiction and their current situation doesn't have to be the end.

She also talked about the response she received:

I must say the response has been overwhelming and I am apprehensive due do some of the negative comments I have read. But what's life without a few haters?

She went on to say:

The nicest response has been people telling me they are proud of what I have overcome. I have heard from both. And lots of concerned family members who want hope or have received hope for their family members in active addiction.

Now aged 26, Hall has been clean since she was arrested age 22. According to reports in the Daily Mail, Hall had been injecting heroin and meth between April and her arrest in December that year.

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