Gas station manager dubbed ‘male Karen’ after insisting man move truck that’s broken down outside his store

A series of viral TikTok videos has documented a dispute between a manager and a brother and sister after their truck broke down in a parking space at a petrol station.

In four videos, user taeirish claims that she and her brother’s 4x4 was unable to move from the space because the front left wheel had basically fallen off its axle and was unable to move.

It would appear clear from the video that the car is unable to move due to it only having three wheels however, despite this, the apparent manager of the One-Stop Liquor and Convenience Store in Flagstaff, Arizona – which is part of the gas station – proved to be unsympathetic to their situation.


In the first video, the worker is referred to as a ‘Karen in male form’ and is insistent that the vehicle is moved as quickly as possible.

Then in a second video, the manager tells the driver of the car, taeirish’s brother, that “you would have a lot better luck with me if you weren’t being a d**k and just saying ‘f**k you, f**k you, f**k you.” The brother says that he never swore at the manager and that someone with a tow truck is coming to help move the car. “We’re trying to get it moved, what do you not understand?” the driver adds.

A third video then shows the siblings call their father and complain about the manager. Their father, who is on speaker phone can be heard saying “well, he can deal with me when I get there.” The manager takes this as a threat and calls the police. Their father then shows up with a jack to try and get the wheel back on the car. During this time the manager was said to be talking to the police but they said that there was nothing they could do.

In a fourth video, documenting the entire incident, @taeirish explains that, due to a mistake and another accident on a nearby road, the tow truck was delayed in getting to them, resulting in them being stuck at the petrol station for four hours. She adds that although her father didn’t touch the manager, the manager is still pressing “disorderly conduct” charges against their dad.

Indy100 has contacted One-Stop for comment.

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