Boris Johnson Resigns As British Prime Minister
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Boris Johnson has finally resigned.

Following days of political chaos and more than 50 resignations from his own government, Johnson reluctantly stepped back from the "best job in the world" and called it quits.

He acknowledged there would be "many people who are relieved" as well as "perhaps quite a few who will be quite disappointed" before bizarrely signing off with "them the breaks", a North American term to describe an outcome that wasn't wanted or expected.

Thursday morning (7 July) saw the British media paint a morbid picture of a “mortally wounded” Johnson, with The Sun's headline reading: "You’ll have to dip your hands in blood to get rid of me."

The Times declared that Johnson "fights for his life" by clinging to his position. Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror's headline read: "Just Get Exit Done."

Now, the foreign press is reacting to Johnson's downfall – and they love it.

The German media outlet, Tagesspeigel, referred to him as a "scandal noodle" under the headline "Sex, drugs and rock & roll." They recalled how Johnson once admitted to smoking cannabis during his student years and pointed out he is "the first British leader on record to have broken the law."

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Ireland bid farewell to "Eton’s greatest mess", with the Irish Examiner comparing the last few days to watching posh neighbours fight in the garden. "Just so enjoyable," they wrote. "So deeply, satisfyingly pleasurable."

Johnson seemingly won't be missed by Spain either, with El Mundo leading the story with:"Europe says goodbye to Boris Johnson without tears or sorrow."

They described him as an "unscrupulous leader" who "has left not a single friend or admirer".

"The premier has done nothing but accumulate firewood and light matches," they said.

Meanwhile, Italy called him a child who "wanted to be 'King of the World‘ who was brought down "by the clownish mask that he chooses to wear."

The French kept it short and sweet, with Libération leading with a single English word: “Out”. While another declared there was a "storm in Shakespeare land."

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