This girl probably really, really regrets this text

This girl probably really, really regrets this text

Warning: This article contains adult themes and swear words.

We’ve all been there. Texting about someone behind their back but sending it to the person we’re complaining about by accident.

But for one girl, this just happened on a monumental scale.

Zoe was becoming a bit worried about the fact she was cheating on her boyfriend, Jordan, aged 21, of two years.

So she texted her friend for advice.

At least, she thought she did.

You can all see what’s coming can’t you?

She accidentally texted her boyfriend instead.

Jordan screenshotted the text and shared it on Twitter.

Zoe wrote in the text:

I’m literally so anxious right now… I’ve been seeing this guy behind Jordan’s back and he had really important plans tomorrow because Jordon was supposed to be at work and then he texts me and says I don’t have work tomorrow and I don’t want to let my other guy down.

Jordan’s tweet has been retweeted more than 60,000 times.

He later tweeted he had been working more than 60 hours a week to afford a holiday with her next month.


And now Zoe's bit on the side isn't happy:

And, in unrelated events, Jordan then tweeted this:

There's a very important lesson here: if you're going to cheat, don't break it to your partner by accidentally texting them.


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