'Goblin foetus' found in warehouse analysed by doctors

'Goblin foetus' found in warehouse analysed by doctors
Goblin fetus found in disused warehouse, claims local mayor

A goblin foetus has been found in a disused warehouse, the local mayor claims

The bizarre specimen was discovered during construction work.

The authorities have confirmed that samples are currently being analysed by university experts.

It was found in the historical town of Santa María Regla, northeast of Mexico City, Mexico.

Municipal mayor Francisco Mayoral Flores said the mummified remains could be from a “goblin or a nagual.”

In Mesoamerican mythology, a nagual is a human with the ability to shape-shift into an animal counterpart.

It is being exhibited at the Museo de los Duendes - translated as Goblin Museum - in the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo.

It has a small body, four limbs, a disfigured face with a pronounced nose, claws, and a tail.

The mayor said: “Everyone can value it themselves based on their beliefs and traditions.”

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Huasca de Ocampo is a well known region for legends related to goblins, naguals and other mythical Mayan entities such as aluxes.

The mayor added: “If it had been found in another municipality, it would not have been relevant.

“But due to the themes of goblins and the mystical here, there is a cultural and social demand to give it importance.”

He added: “Doctors and vets have stated that it is a malformed foetus of a cat or dog.

“However, samples have already been taken to determine a scientific explanation.”

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One local resident commented: “Ridiculous.”

Another asked: “Are you telling me that goblins are born human-sized and get tiny as they grow?”

Estrella said: “Is this a joke?”

Jovaz wrote: “Good thing it's a magical town!”

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