Gordon Ramsay has hilarious reaction to TikTok video of make-up artist trying to copy his craggy face

Gordon Ramsay has hilarious reaction to TikTok video of make-up artist trying to copy his craggy face
Photo courtesy of @gordonramsayofficial

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay might have another career brewing – as a hilarious commentator on TikTok.

Much of his account features him responding to videos and memes in typically foul-mouthed fashion.

And recently he directed his energy into a reaction to a funny video of a makeup artist trying to emulate his likeness with tousled blond hair, furrowed brows and craggy skin.

Naturally, unless you are creating a meal so delectable it’s worth gold bars at a mint, he’s not easily impressed by much.

In a stitched video with makeup artist Jammy Trevizano, who goes by @jammylewks on the platform, Ramsay says “dude, no, stop it,” before Trevizano applies makeup to blur out his eyebrows. To this Ramsay responds with a “eyebrows? Come on, dude, look,” as he zooms the camera into his face to show that he does, in fact, have lightly colored eyebrows.

Trevizano also adds lipstick to get Ramsay’s mouth shape, which made Ramsay utter, “Lipstick? Really?”

Once Trevizino was done applying wrinkles, tousling blond hair, and an outfit change in a black suit jacket adorned with what looks like a rose pattern with a white button-up shirt, Ramsay insisted that the finished look doesn’t look like him. “Dude, that doesn’t look like me,” he said before shouting, “David Bowie!”

People in the comments of the video also had hilarious reactions of their own to the transformation,

“Jeez, you finna make me act up, Gordon, someone wrote.

“Lmao, the Wish Gordon Ramsey,” someone else said.

A third said: “Gordon from Mars.”

Trevizano even wrote in the comments of Ramsay’s reaction, saying, “OMGG! My dream was to get dragged through the mud by you. Thank you!”

Although it’s unclear as to why Ramsay shouted Bowie’s name, it may have to do with his perception that the final product favors the late icon more.

Until next time, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next in store for Ramsay to provide a hilariously blunt reaction.

Check out the video here.

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