Girl goes on date with guy she met at her birthday. Finds another girl there. Then something wonderful happens

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Sometimes, the date with that awesome person you've been chatting to online simply doesn't work out.

It could be down to the slow drawn out conversation, or them being rude to the bar staff - sometimes you simply just don't click.

For one woman however, the big red flag that said this guy was not the one, were the five other girls he had lined up to meet the same evening.

Lisette Pylant’s friends set her up with a guy (who remains anonymous) on her birthday.

The pair arranged to meet at a bar where her friend works, and Pylant immediately receives a warning text from the friend warning her that he’s bad news.

Pylant decides to turn up anyway - and it turns out her friend was not wrong.

Her date has double booked her with another date, and pretends Pylant is his friend in order to get out of it.

But it gets worse. Date three, "Riley," then turns up.

But it still wasn't over.

But it STILL wasn't over. Date number five showed up.

Pylant bumped into her date as he was leaving date number five. His excuse? He told her:

Well I’m a project manager, I manage my time efficiently.

But at least there's a happy ending:

Joke. If you think it really ends there, you'd be mistaken.

Thank you for joining us on this roller coaster.

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