Chilling ‘stalker’s shrine’ found in loft of rented house

A group of housemates in Australia were left shocked after discovering a “stalker shrine” in the roof of their rented house.

Old photographs, clothing, and plastic bags containing cigarettes and used bandaids were discovered pinned to the walls in the attic.

Melbourne-based Matt Martin shared the grisly findings on TikTok, where it quickly went viral.

Since posting the first clip of the bizarre display four days ago, Martin has received over 700,000 views.


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Jumping on the “things that just make sense” trend on the app, Martin uploaded a clip that began with the on-screen text: “Things in my girlfriend’s Fitzroy townhouse that just make sense”.

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The video then cuts to show the “stalker shrine they found up in their roof”.

A dusty jacket, several shoes, and photographs can be seen fixed to the brick wall.

Perhaps even stranger is the presence of a number of seemingly random objects, such as cigarettes and used bandaids, pinned to the wall in plastic bags.

In the comment section, Martin said: “Went up there the other night and found old photos and clothes pinned to the wall alongside single items such as used bandaids, gum, ciggies, bar of soap, liquids etc etc. creepy as f***.”

TikTokers were also frightened by the discovery, with one viewer commenting: “Um you need to call the police”.

Martin posted an update two days later.

He wrote: “They have since gone to the real estate agent who contacted the landlords who purchased the house in 2016. The response was that during a renovation the builders notified the landlords of the previous occupants ‘personal belongings'. They [told] us to either leave it or throw it out.”


PART 2 !!! #FYP #fitzroy #3065 #melbourne #stalker #PART2 @mattmartin85 #DisneyPlusVoices

He said his girlfriend’s housemate contacts the non-urgent police hotline, but they were allegedly told “if there is not a body part, we can’t do anything”.

Unhappy with the response, they went directly to the police themselves who were “fully supportive and took down a report”.

He concluded the video: “I doubt anything will come of it. It’s either a creep with a weird obsession with a footy player or an art installation.”

He thanked people for taking an interest, before adding: “Go check your own roof for creepy s***”.

We guess we’ll have to wait and see what the police say, but if it’s an art installation it’s certainly a strange one…

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