Chilling phone call from 'serial killer' to Howard Stern show resurfaces

Chilling phone call from 'serial killer' to Howard Stern show resurfaces
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The chilling moment an apparent serial killer called intoThe Howard Stern Show is going viral again on TikTok, and the clip still leaves us with more questions than answers.

The video, posted by true911calls, replays the call between host Howard Stern, co-host Robin Quivers, and the caller, so-called 'Clay.'

In 1997, 'Clay' called into the show to tell Stern and Quivers he had killed 12 sex workers. This sort of bizarre call was not out of the ordinary for the show, where Stern often hoax calls from people with crazy stories.

But as the conversation progressed, it became clear to Stern and listeners that this one sounded deadly serious.

Stern and Quivers asked him questions related about why he did it. "Did your mom beat you? Did your mom spank you? Was your mom a prostitute?" they rattled off to him.

"No. Actually nothing like that. I think I just do it for the sense of power." 'Clay' said calmly.

"Right," Stern monotonously responded.

What do you think ? #crime #crimetok #true911calls #911calls #911dispatcher


What do you think ? #crime #crimetok #true911calls #911calls #911dispatcher

What do you think ? #crime #crimetok #true911calls #911calls #911dispatcher

The interview's tone slowly took a turn after Clay's response. Stern started asking more specific questions about Clay's' killing process and where he kills his victims.

Each time 'Clay' answered a question he responded in a calm, matter-of-fact manner. He revealed he had sex with his victims beforehand, then killed them primarily with a hammer and strangled one. He also said he committed two of the murders in a parking garage and the rest on the side of the road.

The next day, Stern said on the show that the FBI came to the studio asking for a tape of the call. The call has never been conclusively confirmed as legitimate but many suspect the caller is Russell Ellwood.

After the call, police thought Ellwood could potentially be the "Storyville Slayer" a serial killer in New Orleans who murdered up to 24 sex workers.

Ellwood was eventually charged with one murder and received life imprisonment in 1999. The rest remain unsolved.

People on TikTok were chilled by the call

Comments were chilled by the resurfacing of Stern's serial killer callTikTok

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