Investor sparks backlash after saying he'll teach son to watch porn, sleep around and be a 'scumbag'

Investor sparks backlash after saying he'll teach son to watch porn, sleep around and be a 'scumbag'
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Jordan Cheyenne

A high-profile investor has sparked outrage on social media after sharing his very unorthodox approach to parenting, saying he will teach his son to be a “scumbag” by sleeping around and watching pornography.

Ding Peng became known in the finance world for writing the book Quantitative Investment — Strategies and Techniques in the early 2000s. He is now the chairman of the China Quantitative Investment Society.

As the South China Morning Post reports, Ding Peng sent messages on Chinese app WeChat saying he didn’t want to see his son “live a hard life" by studying a lot like he did.

Ding has gone viral in China after the messages were leaked by another member of the chat, and his opinions on fatherhood leave a lot to be desired.

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According to screenshots shared on Chinese platform Weibo, Ding wrote: "I plan to get him to watch porn next year. I will teach him personally.

“He can start sleeping with girls in high school, and when he gets to college, he can give me a few babies."


He also revealed that he has sent his son the equivalent of thousands of pounds to spend on treating young women to meals out.

"He already has two girlfriends; he's better than me," he said.

"I've lived a hard life. I just kept studying when I was young. I was still doing that when I was 30. I don't want him to follow my lead. I want him to be a scumbag," Ding added.

Ding's son is reportedly 14 or 15 years old, and the comments about him from his father have not gone down well online in China.

Ding later spoke to Chinese outlet The Cover to say his comments were "taken out of context" and that they were made after he was "being goaded."

"I made the comments casually, out of emotional agitation," he said.

The report also featured a screenshot of a WeChat conversation which saw him say he "didn't care" about the negativity following the comments.

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