iShowSpeed claims he'd have beaten KSI after YouTuber stops boxing match

iShowSpeed claims he'd have beaten KSI after YouTuber stops boxing match
KSI celebrates in front of IShowSpeed as Arsenal score winner against Man …
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iShowSpeed has spoken out for the first time since his boxing match with KSI.

The pair went head-to-head on Friday (15 December) to raise money for the Anthony Walker Foundation, an organisation that works towards tackling racism and hate crimes.

Speed and KSI were said to have agreed on six rounds in the ring. This was soon cut short when KSI tapped out halfway through as the 18-year-old appeared to be struggling.

A few days later, Speed went live on YouTube, and fans' attention soon turned to the match between the pair. At one point, he said he "felt like he was dying" following one of KSI's body shots.

He described KSI as "little bro'ing" him and not giving him a chance to "stand up for himself".

"I was mad… I was like mad crying. I was mad because like, bro we agreed on 6 rounds, right?" he shared with viewers. "Obviously chat, I wasn’t winning that well… then KSI came over to me — he basically lil bro’d me. He f****** lil bro’d me in front of everybody. And I didn’t even have the chance to f****** stick up for myself."

He went on to say that the match didn't give him a "chance to show [his] skills," adding that KSI said to him "'You know what bro, let’s just stop.'"

"He said this in front of the stream bro, he basically tried to play me," Speed continued. "He basically played me in front of my own stream."

Speed then suggested that he would have won the fight if he wasn't pulled to a stop.

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