<p>Bezos gave the term “tone deaf” a whole new meaning.</p>

Bezos gave the term “tone deaf” a whole new meaning.

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Jeff Bezos is being blasted — both into outer space and by people who think he should keep both feet placed firmly on Earth and focus on more important things, like Amazon employees’ well-being.

The Amazon founder has attracted criticism for taking to space via rocket New Shepard, owned by his company Blue Origin, in light of the long-running complaints regarding working conditions at Amazon. Seeing as he is literally the richest person on Earth — worth an estimated $206 billion — he could undoubtedly resolve the workplace issues at Amazon and not even notice a dent in his fortune.

But today, following the billionaire’s short jaunt to the edge of space, Bezos gave the term “tone deaf” a whole new meaning: He quite literally thanked Amazon employees for funding his trip.

“I wanna thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all this.”

Amazon has been criticised for years over the conditions for its workers, with reports of staff urinating in bottles for fear of missing delivery rates and regularly working 14-hour days. Meanwhile, Bezos, who has stepped down as Amazon CEO, saw his net worth increase by $70 billion during the pandemic. And then, of course, he sent himself to space whilst society continues to collapse around him.

Guess it’s time for Amazon employees better to get to work on funding the next one…

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