Jeremy Corbyn really, really didn't like this joke

The problem with priding yourself on being an honest politician is that your emotions and true reactions are right there for the world to see.

And this week, Jeremy Corbyn's face made it abundently clear he really didn't like these jokes from chancellor Phillip Hammond.

Hammond said in his budget announcement in the House of Commons that Corbyn is now "so far down a black hole that even Stephen Hawking has disowned him".

And Corbyn's face did this:

Picture:Picture:  BBC

That is one unimpressed man.

Then Hammond said:

Today, to enhance the UK's position as a world leader in science and innovation, I'm allocating £300 million... to support the brightest and the best research talent, including support for a thousand new PhD places and fellowships focused on STEM subjects; £270 million to keep the UK at the forefront of disruptive technologies, like biotech, robotic systems and driverless vehicles - a technology I belive the party opposite knows something about.

And Corbyn's face said:

Picture:Picture:  BBC


Picture:Picture:  BBC


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