Kate Middleton fans are convinced she keeps wearing her Gucci blouse backwards

Royals fans of the Duchess of Cambridge are a bit confused by her latest sartorial choices.

Kate Middleton recently wore a £975 purple Gucci blouse and it people seem to think she did not wear it the correct way around.

The princess wore the silk blouse for the second time – which is apparently uncommon for royals – in an Instagram Q&A about the Early Years, where she spoke about her parenting experiences.

Marie Claire's Kayleigh Roberts pointed out that, "eagle-eyed fans immediately recognised it as the same top she wore in March 2019."

"Fans also noticed that, just like the last time she stepped out in the stunning purple top, Kate seems to have worn it ... well, wrong," she said.

And those paying (very) close attention seem to have gotten this right: according to Net-a-Porter, a luxury fashion retailer, the buttons are intended to be worn at the back of the blouse. The duchess went wild and seemingly decided the top looked better with the buttons in the front.

But of course, no one really seemed to mind… why not get creative with what’s already in your wardrobe?

“I saw Kate Middleton wear her Gucci blouse backwards, so I wore my Gucci blouse backwards,” a user tweeted.

One person asked on Twitter asked perhaps a more pressing question, “Did Duchess Kate wear her Gucci blouse backwards on purpose??”

We may never know.

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