This woman lost three stone after making 5 simple changes

Kathryn Dickie, a 37 year old lawyer from Brisbane, Australia has revealed how she lost 18kg due to making five simple changes.

Since beginning her new regime in 2012, as well as losing the weight, Dickie has gained over 130,000 followers on Instagram.

She told theDaily Mailhow keeping an Instagram account helped her track her progress and stick to her diets and exercise plans.

I like to make my profile super motivational, as we body bash ourselves so much and it's really de-motivating... Hashtags like #acceptyourself and #loveyourself have been key for me.

A website with the same name as Dickie's Instagram handle also exists, and is said to be coming soon.

Here's how she lost the weight:

1. Cut out the five sugars in her coffee

Dickie attributed this habit to her 'sweet tooth', and swapped the sugar for a sweetener.

2. Hired a personal trainer

3. Downloaded MyFitness Pal app

The app counts calories for you and acts as a food journal for monitoring intake.

4. Bootcamps and 12 week programmes

Dickie took part in several programmes, such as the 4 Phase Fat Elimination, as well as signing up for health bootcamps.

5. Monitored carbohydrate intake

Dickie kept carbohydrate intake to less than 100g per day.

There were also some things that Dickie didn't do. At the start of the diet she didn't weigh herself.

She also told the Daily Mail she had this advice for people wanting to lose weight.

Women often know what's wrong, but we don't want to confront it. You need to be honest with yourself, about your diet, your fitness and what you do with your life....

You have to want that change. I don't allow myself excuses...When I do something, I just do it.'

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