Kim Kardashian has 'nothing bad to say' about Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian has 'nothing bad to say' about Donald Trump

Kanye West and Donald Trump's Twitter lovefest has sucked up most of the attention, but it turns out Kim Kardashian West goes just as easy on the president.

She revealed in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she has "nothing bad to say" about Trump, despite the horrors the US president has inflicted on the world - though she also added that she doesn't "agree with everything either".

Understandably, the reality TV star praised Trump for the release of 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson who had a life sentence for a non-violent, first-time drug offence, a case that Kim has determinedly championed.

Less easy to forgive, though, is her willful oversight of the unprecedented number and severity of the scandals, gaffes and allegations surrounding Trump.

Trump has recently cosyied up to Putin before clumsily backpedalling, claimed all migrant families have been reunited despite the hundreds of children still in custody, and aggressively attacked on special counsel Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation.

And that's alongside multiple allegations of racism, sexual misconduct and xenophobia,

Trump commuting the sentence of Johnson erases none of this

Kardashian's comments came after Kimmel asked whether her husband, Kanye West, still had an appreciation for Trump. To awkward laughter, she replied:

Yeah. I think he really, um, yeah.

She soon clarified:

He doesn't necessarily agree with the policies, he likes his personality... and how he made it to president when everyone really underestimated him.

He's not really political, so he doesn't really dig deep into what's going on.

Well, "doesn't really dig deep" explains a lot, though we're left wondering if Kanye does any digging at all. Or even glances at the news.

You can watch the whole conversation here.

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