This bizarre theory may explain Kanye West's latest antics

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Kanye West's bizarre Twitter ramblings have been a goldmine of controversy and a bizarre philosophical insight into his brain.

With his endorsements of Donald Trump and conservatives, while also showing his support for anti-gun activists, it makes you question what exactly he is trying to achieve.

One person believes that he has discovered something about Kanye's tweets which no one else had noticed.

Sure, he is promoting new music and new clothing items, but Twitter user @Snowcone965 believes that the rapper is actually performing in an elaborate piece of art.

Snowcone965 believes that despite the controversy, Kanye has been inspired by artists David Hammons and Joseph Beuys, who have challenged notions of America and racism in their work.

It also touches on the influence that Kanye's close friend and collaborator Tremaine D. Emory may be having on him, while also mentioning others artists like Marina Abramovic and Andy Kaufman, as well as the movie The Prestige.

Warning: This theory goes deep so if you don't want to have your mind blown please do not read any further.

We're not sure about you, but this doesn't sound completely unfeasible to us.

We can only wait and see where Kanye's controversial Twitter adventures go next to get a better idea of the bigger picture (if there is one).

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