Imagen: El festival de lectura es uno de los mayores eventos del festival de verano.

Festivals have been unable to go ahead because of the coronavirus pandemic

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There are now less than 100 days until the lockdown is England is officially over, according to the government road map.

The plans set out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson are subject to change as he said it is “driven by data, not dates” but if everything goes to plan social distancing laws will be completely lifted by 21 June. Cases will need to keep reducing at their current rate.

People have taken to Twitter to express their plans and glee.

This means that not only will pubs and restaurants reopen but festivals, concerts and other events with crowds will be able to go ahead without the law cracking down on them.

12 April marks the date that pubs can reopen their outdoor seating areas. Apps have already been created highlighting the ones that plan to reopen that day.

17 May will allow groups of 30 to meet outdoors, cinemas to open and indoor sports can restart. You can jet off on holiday too as international travel starts that day.

The earliest possible all coronavirus restrictions will be lifted is 21 June. It is subject to change if cases increase, but we can dream!

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