Man who 'feared his wife' refused to tell her he had a water bottle stuck in his anus

Man who 'feared his wife' refused to tell her he had a water bottle stuck in his anus
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Doctors were shocked to find a water bottle stuck in a man's butt after he was said to be experiencing abdominal pain.

The 50-year-old was taken to the hospital when his wife became increasingly worried about his lack of appetite, constipation and cramps.

The man remained quiet about his painful secret due to being filled with "embarrassment and fear of his wife", according to the case study in Clinical Case Reports Journal. However, the CT scan revealed a 19cm bottle wedged in his anus.

Rectal foreign body (RFB) insertions often require emergency and colorectal surgical departments. Patients often experience a delay in treatment due to being dishonest about the cause of their visit. This can result in complications such as severe bleeding and delayed surgery.

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Luckily for the man, medics were able to extract the water bottle without surgery. They slowly removed the plastic without causing any damage to the intestine.

While doctors at the Imam Khomeini Hospital in Sari did not disclaim how the bottle had gotten there, they suggested that sexual gratification is generally the driver of such incidents. The report explicitly stated that the man had inserted the bottle with the bottom going in first to use the top as a grip to pull out.

They revealed they had encountered various rectal foreign body (RFB) instruments in the past, such as bulbs, bottles, billy clubs, impulse body spray cans, and turkey basters.

The study explained, "although most instruments are inserted through the anus, a foreign body (FB) can also be ingested, transported through the gastrointestinal tract, and held up in the rectum."

The man was discharged three days later and referred to a psychiatric clinic. He has since experienced no problems.

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