Man becomes very concerned after getting a text from his mum meant for his dad

Man becomes very concerned after getting a text from his mum meant for his dad
Monday Manners: Texting etiquette

Texting with your parents has its advantages, but it will always remain riddled with peril.

For instance, what if you use text speak and they don't understand it? Do you have to go back and explain everything again? What if you drunk text?

That could all be very awkward - but not as awkward as receiving a picture message that wasn't meant for you...

Spare a thought then for Liam McDonald, whose mum managed to send him not one, not two but three picture messages by mistake.

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To make this situation even more distressing for Liam, they were all allegedly intended for his dad, and the last one had two heart emojis attached to it.

Fearing what was contained in the images, Liam dared not open it and instead took a screenshot and tweeted it.

The tweet soon went viral and has picked up over 25,000 retweets, at the time of writing, and over 73,000 likes.

Liam claims he received the messages on 3 November but didn't open them, which left some folks on Twitter on tenterhooks.

Others have recommended he take a more drastic approach.

He eventually did decide to open and it was nowhere near as saucy as you might presume.

Speaking to Mail OnlineLiam revealed that the images were innocent pictures of his newborn cousin.

He later told UNILAD: "I knew it would of been something normal but I had a laugh.. it was a photo of my new born cousin in the end! Mum doesn’t know about it.. the internet response has been mad, celebrities messaging me and worldwide messages by mail."

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