Manosphere tweeter roasted for sharing his dreams of 'breast milk ice-cream'

Manosphere tweeter roasted for sharing his dreams of 'breast milk ice-cream'
What is the 'manosphere'?

A man on Twitter is being roasted for sharing his desires of wanting ... "breast milk ice cream."

The account - Carnivore Aurelius - appears to be part of the booming manosphere on Twitter, made up of online personalities who provide commentary promoting masculinity, which can often fall into the realm of misogyny or opposition to feminism.

So when he shared his dreams of having the odd flavoured ice cream, it raised eyebrows.

"Boys want arm candy. Men want someone who isn't on birth control, is loving, graceful, who wants to buy a farm, start homesteading, homeschool the kids, [who are] obsessed with cows and is dying to make fresh breast milk ice cream," the account tweeted on 8 January.

It was accompanied by an image of a pregnant woman and a child touching her belly. The scenery also shows trees and horses dwelling in the grass.

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People took to the post's comment section to share their confusion about the account's revelation, roasting the poster in the process.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Make fresh what what what and what?"

"Over a million views. And a quarter million people follow him. Please note the word 'woman' never appears in this tweet. The depersonalizing is stunning," another added.

A third wrote: "I cannot stress enough just how easy it is to be normal about breast milk."

Someone else added: Watching ridiculous stuff like this get dunked on is why I will never leave Twitter."

Check out other reactions below.

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