Couple go viral after pranking friends with marriage proposal rejection

Couple go viral after pranking friends with marriage proposal rejection
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A couple has gone viral on TikTok after they pranked all of their friends into thinking that they had just witnessed a marriage proposal rejection. shared a video earlier this week of him and his partner, Chan being greeted by friends in a back garden. The two remained near the back door of the house while they said hello to everyone, many of whom were filming what was happening, perhaps being tipped off that Mack might propose.

Sure enough the man of the hour does get down on one knee but it doesn't go according to plan. His partner begins shaking her head and looks unhappy with the ring being presented to her much to his confusion.

Things go awkwardly silent as people begin to look at floor and shuffle their feet, hoping that the incident will be over soon. Two women even go back into the house, probably to remove themselves from the embarrassment.

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Chan then turns to the crowd and tells them that doesn't like the ring before dropping the charade entirely by revealing that they were, in fact, already engaged!

Take a look at our engagement prank! #jokesonyouguys #blackloveisreal #fvfpシ

The crowd went wild at this announcement, probably thankful that their little gathering had just been ruined.

In another video, friends and family members react to the prank. Although many thought it was hilarious some admitted that it was 'bad joke but it was all good.'

Because someone stole my content I’m not releasing the edited version. Y’all be easy! #blackloveisreal #fvf #shesaidno

In the comments people were loving the simplicity of the prank and how they managed to fool everyone.

One person wrote: "Now that was a prank!!! Lady was so upset she went in the house Lolol."

Another said: "The girl in the white was mad lol she was like hell naw"

A third added: "Wow I went thru so many emotions watching this video."

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