The man who accidentally created 2017's biggest meme has spoken out

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When you look back on summer 2017, you’ll think of many things. A disappointing mini-heat wave, a pretty lacklustre series of box office flops, and of course, the birth of one of the most popular memes of the year.

It's a simple enough meme - it features one guy checking out a woman as she walks past, while simultaneously walking with his own girlfriend.

Its official title is “Disloyal Man Walking With His Girlfriend and Looking Amazed at Another Seductive Girl”.

People have had some fun with it.

We also got really excited when we realised the models were in a bunch of other photos. It allowed the nativities to move on.

Well, the photographer of the very photo we've all been obsessing over has spoken up, and he wasn't really familiar with the concept of a meme before all of this.

Antonio Guillem, a 45-year-old professional photographer from Barcelona, told the Guardian:

I didn’t even know what a meme is until recently. The models discovered the meme on social media and they told me about it.

None of us could imagine the media repercussion that it has reached right now.

He adds that he works with the couple regularly, but recently stopped working with the girl in the red dress.

Two of the models and I have a great personal relationship, and the other model, we stopped working together around a year ago.

Fingers crossed we get the next chapter in this thrilling story fairly soon.

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