These are the 50 most annoying things about modern life

These are the 50 most annoying things about modern life
Restaurant hostess reveals the annoying things customers do

Modern life is a daily struggle.

Here, according to a poll of 2,000 Britons for Nurofen Express, are the top 50 most annoying things about it.

  1. Your laptop/computer freezing
  2. PPI calls
  3. Slow Wi-Fi
  4. Being stuck in traffic
  5. People who take up two parking spaces
  6. Public transport delays
  7. Junk mail
  8. Waiting on the phone for the doctors
  9. When people chuck their rubbish out of the car window
  10. People who don't use their indicators
  11. Pot holes
  12. Stepping in dog muck
  13. When you hold the door open for someone and they don't say thank you
  14. The rising cost of living
  15. When people let their children misbehave in restaurants
  16. Rude sales assistants
  17. Screaming kids
  18. Buying property
  19. When people hold a conversation in a doorway
  20. People cancelling on you
  21. Noisy neighbours
  22. Reality TV shows
  23. Road works
  24. Middle lane hoggers
  25. Your delivery gets lost in the post
  26. Computer jargon
  27. Forgetting your password
  28. Council tax
  29. People talking overly loud on public transport
  30. People who cycle on pavements
  31. Finding the start of the sellotape
  32. When people start boarding the train before everyone has gotten off
  33. Slow walkers
  34. People talking in the cinema
  35. Train fares
  36. Ordering something online and it is damaged
  37. Queuing for the self-service checkout
  38. People chewing gum with their mouth open
  39. Being charged for extra luggage at the airport
  40. Mums on Facebook who constantly upload pictures of their kid
  41. Getting stuck behind a tractor
  42. Cyclists on the road
  43. Paying your bills
  44. Speed cameras
  45. Motorcyclists weaving in and out of the traffic
  46. Not having enough change for the car park
  47. Twitter trolls
  48. A partner snoring
  49. Loud music
  50. People asking questions when your programme is on

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