Queens woman ended up in medically induced coma after nose piercing caused ...

A mum is furious with her sister-in-law and banned her from their Easter party after taking her 13-year-old daughter to get her belly button pierced without permission.

Taking to the popular sub-Reddit thread Am I The A**hole, the woman anonymously took the platform to discuss the situation.

The woman said that her daughter reveres her sister-in-law (aged 30) as the "fun aunt," but she and her husband aren't fond of her because of what she says and does around their daughter.

However, nothing comes close to what occurred on their daughter's birthday two weeks ago: a belly button piercing.

"Our daughter turned 13, and what [my] sister-in-law decided to do for her was take her to the mall so she can buy her some clothes she wants. No problems with that at all, but the secret present is what [my] husband and I have flipped over," she said.

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She said that she became aware of the piercing when she saw out about the piercing when she found her daughter "disinfecting it a few days later."

"Our daughter has expressed wanting this to her dad and I, and we firmly said no. My husband thinks they're trashy and I sort of agree. Maybe when she's a little older, if that's really what she wants, but 13? No way."

The sister-in-law ended took the daughter to one of her friend's apartments instead of a piercing studio, which left the woman and her husband concerned about how safe and sanitary the procedure was.

"How do we know that friend knows what she's doing? How do we know her materials are clean? Horribly disrespectful and dangerous in our opinion," she added.

As a result, the sister-in-law wasn't allowed to come to their house for Easter, which upset their daughter. However, the woman didn't appreciate that the sister-in-law took their daughter to do something that they didn't approve of "and potentially put her at harm."

She further said that she and her husband also have no plans to have their daughter accompany her aunt alone "anytime soon."

People took to the post's comments agreeing with the woman's sentiments about how inappropriate and "dangerous" the situation was.

One wrote: "She's irresponsible and even dangerous to your daughter. What if something happened at her [friend's] house?"

"Not the a**hole. You may want to sit [your] daughter down and explain to her that piercings and tattoos need to be done in a sterile environment and when [you're] older if your parents don't agree. I'm thinking your [sister-in-law] has one, and that's where the idea came from. It wasn't just against your wishes but really unsafe for her to have done this fun, aunt or not," another added.

A third wrote: "She violated a basic tenant of spending time with children. Do not undermine the parents."

Someone else said they have a sister-in-law similar to this and wrote: "I have a [sister-in-law] like that, and the reason they get on so well with the teenagers is that they never matured beyond the teenage years. Imagine your child under the supervision of another child with the option of an adult."

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