Nobody can explain the massive booms being heard around the world

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A mystery boom was reportedly heard in Alabama this week - and nobody can work out why.

The boom, dubbed 'Bama Boom', shook multiple houses and was heard across the state, according to WBMA.

It is the latest in a series of booms heard across the planet -from Michigan to Manchester, San Diego to Swansea. In fact, 64 booms have been reported this year according to theNY Post.

Here's the scary sound caught the sound on video:

People in Alabama were very confused.

Even the Birmingham Alabama National Weather Service was stumped.

Though they theorised the source could be anything from supersonic aircraft to meteors exploding in the atmosphere, especially as the Leonid meteor shower peaks in November.

Nasa weighed in, ruling out meteors as the source but admitting the cause "remains unclear".

In an interview shared on Facebook by meteorologist James Spann, Bill Cooke at Nasa said:

The signal could have been generated by a bolide, large supersonic aircraft or a ground explosion.

People also had their own, er, alternative theories.

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