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By now you would have thought that people would have learned that leaving negative reviews online was a recipe for disaster.

Time and time again we have seen people called out for their behaviour and general ignorance, which they somehow forgot about when writing their reviews.

Unfortunately, we have to report that this has happened again and this one is a bit of an epic back and forth which resulted in a very sincere apology and beautiful plot twist.

It occurred after a man named David who contacted a business owner named Abs to see if he was interested in helping him with a project.

Abs briefly explained that he didn't have any work for David for six weeks which clearly got under his skin and let's just say he didn't use the best choice of language to voice his discontent.

As the two continued to argue, David threatened to leave a one-star review of the business on Google because of the way he was treated.

After he posted the review, Abs shared a comment in the review detailing some of their conversation, which led to a grovelling apology from David and substantially improved review.

You can read exactly what was said between the two in the Imgur post below.

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