Customer who left a bad restaurant review shamed after owner remembers her and responds

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Running a restaurant in 2018 cannot be an easy task.

Dealing with inflated customer expectations because they've been watching Chef's Table on Netflix must be difficult but as long as the food's good who really cares?

That being said, all it takes is just one person to leave a bad review on Trip Advisor, Yelp or Google, and that could plummet your overall rating in the local community.

Sometimes though, those negative comments aren't always justified or warranted as proven by a review shared on Imgur by the user ctrclub.

A woman, known only as Monica left a one-star review after visiting an unnamed restaurant where she felt that she had to wait too long.

Except the review backfired badly, as not only did the venue's owner see the review, they responded to it, remembered who she was and proceeded to explain how they had made their own experience so miserable and difficult for the staff.

To make this even better, the reply came two months after the original post was submitted, proving that she must have truly been the "customer from hell".

Ouch! Consider that a major burn.

Remember folks if you are going to complain about a restaurant it's best not to have left a bad impression in there in the first place.

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