Veteran news anchor signs off forever with truth bomb about media

Veteran news anchor signs off forever with truth bomb about media
Journalist Jim Gardner signs off in last broadcast

Longtime news anchor Jim Gardner signed off his final report with a warning to the American people about the way they perceive the media.

Gardner, 74, has been the solo anchor for WPVI, broadcasting the 6 pm weekday news and 11 pm weekday news on 6ABC in Philadelphia since 1977.

For the last 45 years, Gardner has witnessed and reported on the changes the US has undergone, including every presidential election since 1976.

So while signing off his last broadcast on Wednesday, he offered a piece of advice to people based on changes he's noticed lately.

"The American free press has been under attack not from forces of other countries but from elements embedded in our own society and even our own government," Gardner said to his Actions News viewers.

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"It worries me deeply."

Gardner explained that the attack on the media goes against what the founder of the US intended- democracy.

Using a quote from Thomas Jefferson to John Jay in 1786 about the importance of freedom of the press and how it protects liberty.

"We are not the enemy of the people," Gardner said reciting the quote.

In the last five years, the media has come under attack from powerful figures including former president Donald Trump, Twitter owner Elon Musk, politicians, celebrities, and more.

The era of "fake news" took over the country which encouraged people to question the news stories journalists publish.

Public mistrust in the media helped incite a riot at the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Forewarning people, Gardner used the Jefferson quote to remind people that without journalists, there will be no truth.

"Serving the people, you, the people of the tri-state area with responsible and unbiased journalism, this is our mission now and in the future," Gardner said. "And if we falter you damn well better let us know for your benefit and for ours."

He signed off one last time.

People on Twitter applauded Gardner's message.



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