This is why the Queen only carries cash one day of the week

Getty / Geoff Pugh / WPA Pool

The Queen’s got a bit of money – that’s no secret – but she doesn’t carry money with her.

Which is obvious, when you think about it. It's not like she ever needs to pop to Boots for meal deal at lunch time.

Except, she does carry money one day every week.

She carries money on her every Sunday so she can make a donation when visiting church, which she does every week, according to a royal biographer in 2012.

Apparently, she leaves money on the collection plate when leaving in the form of a £5 note carefully ironed into a square by her butler so she can donate discreetly.

And when she's feeling particularly generous, she donates a tenner.

Her Majesty also carries reading glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen, according to historian of the royal family, Bedell Smith for The Lady magazine.

HT The Sun

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