Pamela Anderson and Meghan McCain actually got into an argument about war crimes on live TV

Pamela Anderson and Meghan McCain actually got into an argument about war crimes on live TV

In news that almost no one ever expected to read, Pamela Anderson and the daughter of former Republican senator John McCain have gotten into a heated exchange about war crimes.

That's right the former Baywatch star turned activist took Meghan McCain to task on a recent episode of The View after McCain made critical comments about Anderson's friend Julian Assange.

Anderson was talking about how Assange, who was forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London earlier this year, is begging to struggle with his health and 'probably wouldn't make it' if he was extradited to an American prison.

McCain responded to Anderson's story by branding Assange as 'cyberterrorist' and claimed that his Wikileaks website, had 'put people's lives at risk'. In response Anderson said:

You know who put our national security at risk? The military.

How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks?

Anderson's answer earned a round-of-applause from the government but McCain persisted, baffled at how 'the military could put innocent lives at risk.'

The former actor then brought up the thorny subject of war crimes, which she believes Assange has been imprisoned for after exposing on his website.

War crimes need to be punished, and they haven't. The war crimes he's exposed, no one has done anything about it but they put him in jail to shut him up.

McCain carried on, asking Anderson what she would say to the 'spies who are putting themselves at risk for our national security?'

Anderson once again came back:

There is no evidence to say that he has put anyone at risk, they've gone through this over and over again. 

I think people like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are heroes and Julian Assange is a publisher.

The exchange was shared on Twitter by journalist Jordan Uhl and people couldn't get enough of the flare-up between the two stars.

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