People hope this theory for rebooting the Earth is true

The last 12 hours saw one of the most intense presidential elections in the history of the world.

People around the globe watched the events in America unfold, leading to a 'triple victory' for Republicans: Donald Trump became President-elect of the US, and both the House and the US Senate finished with majority Republican seats.

A lot of people are unhappy with the result, which saw Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton lose by a handful of seats.

Luckily one Twitter user has an idea to rectify the crisis...

People are really on board with it…

And are even offering alternative ideas to help 'reset' the earth:

One Twitter user gave the operation a name:

And dubbed Neil 'Twitter President'

Not even the prospect of going back to the age of the dinosaurs phased people...


You see, laughs are rare to come by these days…

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