Personal trainer brutally reveals the one thing you should remember about personal trainers

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Unless you are really into hitting the gym every day and consulting your personal trainer you probably won't have heard of something called the 'swimmer's body illusion.'

Well, if you haven't heard of it then don't worry for too much longer as it would appear that you don't need to be concerned about it at all, at least that's what personal trainer and author James Smith, has said in a scathing video that has gone viral.

The clip starts with Smith watching another, overly enthusiastic and 'annoying' man, explaining a workout to people on TikTok. Smith then goes on to explain the so-called 'swimmer's body illusion.'

This is essentially something that people who are wanting to get in shape aspire towards because they like the physique of professional swimmers as opposed to bodybuilders or runners.

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However, after a few months of swimming, most people will realise that they aren't starting to look like the swimmers that they see at the Olympics. As Smith says: "Swimmers don't look the way they do because they swim, they swim because of the way they look."

Smith then explains that he didn't get 'big and broad' by playing rugby, he plays rugby because he is "big and broad."

Smith goes back to the man that we saw at the start of the video: "So when we see people in shape like this, I'm sure he works very hard but genetically spread across populations there are some people that are just going to build muscle quite easily and remain relatively lean with minimal effort.

"So people like this don't look the way they do because of what they're preaching, they're preaching what they preach because of the way they look. It's why most personal trainers are really incredible un-f**king relatable.

"They're a non-empathetic broccoli wielding ballbag and because they're in good shape their friends go you should be a personal trainer and they wonder why it doesn't last out. They're only doing the job because of the way they look. They are not the way they look because of the job they do.

"It's important to keep that in mind whenever you see some c**t in baby oil online tensing his muscles and telling you to do ab workouts."

Smith's video has since gone viral having racked up more than 1.6 million views online and it's fair to say that people love his honesty.

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