Pilots reveal what their least favourite airports are


Pilots from around the world have revealed the airports they favour the least.

The Reddit discussion - 'Pilots, what is your least favourite airport?' - got them talking.

Some slammed airports for congestion, delays and short runways.

Although the thread consisted mainly of passengers sharing their views, a few pilots used the opportunity to vent their concerns.

La Guardia airport in New York was the least favoured airport in the thread.

One pilot went as far as to say:

Other pilots said Los Angeles LAX is a bad experience too.

But these pilots had a lot to say about Mexico City Airport:

One pilot meanwhile complained that Jigalong Aiport in the Australian outback had too many rocks:

Picture:LaGuardia Airport New York (Picture: Getty) 

LaGuardia airport was ranked the worst airport in the United States last year by JD Powers.

The survey analysed the experiences of 35,000 people and passengers cited construction work as on their main issues in the ranking, based on passenger experience.

And in a report by airport experts Sleeping In Airports - LaGuardia was ranked the fourteenth worst in the world and the worst in the US.

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