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A Pizza Hut server appeared to slurp soup from the ladle at a restaurant buffet, and it was captured in a now-viral TikTok video.

The footage was uploaded to TikTok by Josh Hampton (@fupasweat) on Monday who said: "This whole place is on something."

The woman can be seen using a soup ladle to serve soup into what seems like a takeout container.

Then she can be seen taking a spoon to scoop some of the contents off of the ladle before licking it. Soon after, she dips the licked spoon back onto the ladle to get another taste before finally putting the ladle back in its spot.

"She's literally eating out of the container," someone else could be heard saying.

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People took the comments section to share their sentiments about what they just saw.

"She forgot she was at a public restaurant. She thought it was her house," one wrote.

"And this why I’ll just cook my own food," another added.

A third wrote: "This is why I NEVER eat from buffets."

Someone else spoke on the server's boldness to do this where people can see.

"If she’s an employee, she’s done it before to be so bold to do it on the floor," they wrote.

Hampton also commented under his video and said that he "called out" the woman and "showed management” before uploading the clip to the platform.

Other commenters also noted that this incident occurred at a Pizza Hut in Indiana and a general manager “saw the video within two hours” and fired her.

In other Pizza Hut news, a Pizza Hut customer decided to take it back to the trade and barter days when they offered a slice of the pizza as a tip to their delivery driver because they didn't have any cash.

Indy100 reached out to Hampton and Pizza Hut.

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