A flight attendant on TikTok has revealed why planes have ashtrays, despite passengers not being allowed to smoke.

TikToker @flyingkaylee uploaded a video showing ashtrays built into the doors of a new plane along with the narration: “Have you ever noticed that even new airplanes have ashtrays? Do you know why?”


Let me know in the comments what your guess is! #flightattendant #aviation #boeing737 #airplane #avgeek

The Canadian flight attendant’s video piqued the curiosity of more than 100,000 people, with hundreds taking to the comments.

Several commenters guessed correctly, with one comment reading: “Somewhere to safely dispose of a cigarette should you still smoke despite the [no smoking] sign.”

Someone else guessed: “Because it’s safer for them to use the ashtray than try to hide it in the trash causing a fire. A fire inflight is really bad.”

Kaylee replied to this comment, and several others, to let them know they guessed correctly.

One commenter joked: “It’s for your old gum”. Kaylee replied by writing “hard pass” with a vomit emoji.

Airplanes must have ashtrays, even today, and regulations are so strict that in 2009 a British Airways flight from Heathrow to Mexico City was delayed as the plane did not have an ashtray. The pilot had to order the cabin crew to “go and rob one” from another plane before the flight could be cleared for take off, according to MailOnline.

Kaylee uploads other educational videos about flying to her TikTok page, including an explainer on what it’s like to be an air hostess and what the job entails.


#learnthelingo with me! #flightattendant #aviation #airplane #avgeek #boeing737 #flyswoop

Despite there being ashtrays on planes, it’s still not a free pass to light up – as one Florida woman recently discovered.

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