Popeyes delivery guy shares video of rats scampering around kitchen

Popeyes delivery guy shares video of rats scampering around kitchen

A Reddit post has gone viral after video footage showed numerous rats roaming around in a Washington, D.C. branch of Popeyes.

Published to the subreddit thread r/PublicFreakout, the poster captioned the video, “Popeyes Plague Rats vs.The Most Honest Man In Food Delivery.”

The man originally posted the video to TikTok and said that he delivers chicken to Popeyes restaurants in D.C. And in one of the moments when he delivered chicken, he found rats in one of the stores.

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken is renowned for its fried chicken.

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“Y’all want to see something,” the man said as he show’s the outside of a Popeye’s restaurant before walking in. “This is Popeyes.”

“That’s some wild s***.”

Once he turned the kitchen light on, numerous rats ran across the kitchen, hiding behind cardboard boxes and scaling the ceiling vents. “Look at them,” he said.

“You still love that chicken from Popeyes? ‘Cause these m***********s [are] in here,” the man continued before estimating that at least 15 rats were running around in the kitchen.

People on Reddit found the situation disgusting and amusing all at once.

“Remy is just trying his best jeez, guys give them some slack!” someone wrote, referencing the culinary genius of the Pixar film, Ratatouille.

“They’re just looking for a fryer to swim in,” another added.

On the other hand, someone else suggested that other restaurants also have unsanitary practices that aren’t changed until exposed.

“To be honest, if he reported it to his boss/superiors repeatedly AND they didn’t do a damn thing about it— he should be able to report it [as] he did AND sue the business for costing them their job. Make them pay the man some $$,” they wrote.

After the TikTok went viral, FOX5 reported that the Popeyes in the video, which is located near Eastern Market in Washington, D.C., was shut down for health code violations on Thursday.

Including the most recent incident, at least seven complaints of breaches were filed at six Popeye’s locations in the district this year, DC Health records suggest.

Indy100 reached out to Popeyes and the original uploader for comment with no immediate response.

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