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People are often told not to believe everything they see on the internet. Now, one TikTok user is proving the sentiment to be true after creating a false "TikTok trend" to prove how easy it is to spark a rumour – and it's working.

TikToker Sebastian Durfee (@childprogeny) took to the platform to discuss a fictional "porcelain challenge", in which he wrote: "Help me make videos with the hashtag #porcelainchallenge to freak out the boomers."

Sebastian told his half a million viewers: "Do you think if we plan it together to boomers to freak out about a fake TikTok challenge and what if we call it the Porcelain challenge and we say like 'Oh, Gen Z is like grinding up their parent’s china into a fine powder and snorting it.'"

He later updated his followers, saying the platform has now added a warning underneath the video: "Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt."

Sebastian said: "I guess that sort of means it's working. Someone at TikTok thinks it's real."

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Going one step further, the TikToker edited together a fake Fox article with the headline: "What's the "porcelain challenge"? A new TikTok trend encourages teens to snort powdered chinaware".

Sebastian's impressive editing skills almost had followers fooled, with one saying: "I would have believed this if it wasn't you."

Another joked: "Are we personally gaslighting Fox today? incredible"".

"This is great," a third added, before adding: "I wish this was real!"

While the Fox report is completely false, some news outlets have already picked up on the hoax. Fellow TikTokers have also shared their own takes on the "challenge", claiming there's no actual footage of the dangerous activity because they keep getting removed for being "too graphic".

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